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Silk International Trade Lawyer Team in China

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Silk Lawyer Team in China, affiliated to Beijing Yingke (Shenzhen) Law Firm, is composed of a group of lawyers with deep theoretical foundation and rich practical experience.

Silk International Trade Lawyer Team, using Chinese and English as working languages, focuses on legal services for Chinese and foreign companies in the commercial field.

We act as the company's perennial legal counsel and provide legal services required for the company's daily operations, covering various aspects such as equity structure, labor-management relations, contract risks, and debt disputes.

We are particularly good at providing differentiated legal services for foreign trade companies, including designing complex trade structures, drafting and reviewing international trade contracts, international trade litigation and arbitration, international cargo transportation and insurance, international trade intellectual property protection, international e-commerce, Defense, prevention and control of international economic and trade crimes.

Silk International Trade Lawyer Team is based in Shenzhen, has two service centers in Dubai and Chengdu, and relies on the domestic and international networks of Beijing Yingke Law Firm to provide laws covering 78 major cities across the country and 141 regions in 82 countries around the world. service.

Silk International Trade Lawyer Team will work hard to give full play to its own advantages to clear the fog and escort for clients in the fight in the commercial sea.

Introduction to the law firm of Sinan International Trade Law Group


Beijing Ying Ke law firm is called global law firm, is a global legal service organization, with headquarters in Beijing, China, and has 35 offices in Chinese mainland. In New York, London, Verona, Milan, Budapest, St Paul, Rio De Janeiro, Seoul, Istanbul, Istanbul, Istanbul, post, and so on, With offices in 30 overseas cities, including Tel Aviv, Chicago, Singapore, Dubai, Lisbon, Madrid, Valencia, Moscow, Hong Kong, Taipei, Athens, Monaco and Barcelona, Pacific Century law firm has 5000 employees and is committed to providing global business legal services and creating value for customers.

In its development, Pacific Century adheres to the "people-oriented" talent strategy, and gradually forms a talent team composed of professional lawyers, professional market talents and professional management talents, which ensures the realization of the overall strategic goal of the law firm. The business scope covers international trade, overseas investment, companies, capital securities, cross-strait affairs, private placement, investment and financing and mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, real estate, environmental protection, maritime and other professional fields. In addition, PCCW has also hired legal experts who enjoy a reputation in the field of legal theory and practice at home and abroad to serve as expert consultants.

Your lawyers in China

To provide satisfactory legal services for customers is our unswerving goal. PCCW adheres to the principle of "customer-oriented", specially establishes "customer service center" and "investment and financing center", always focuses on the needs of customers, takes customer satisfaction as the working goal, and makes full use of the advantages of PCCW's global legal service system to integrate offices and financial institutions all over the world The resources of professional departments and all lawyers not only solve legal problems for clients, but also provide business opportunities for clients, promote client cooperation, and provide professional and comprehensive legal services for clients. PCCW's global high-quality legal services have won the trust of customers, and have significantly improved in customer ownership, market share and total revenue. At present, the law firm has joined more than 150 industry and enterprise associations, providing legal services to more than 70000 enterprises at home and abroad.

As a business law firm with global legal service capabilities, Pacific Century actively integrates into the world, constructs a global legal service system, and pays great attention to enhancing exchanges and cooperation with foreign law firms. We should introduce and train international lawyers, improve and develop the multilingual legal service ability of law firms in English, Korean, French, German, Japanese and Italian, and comprehensively enhance the service ability of law firms in international legal business.

"Running water is a kind of thing, so we can't do without Yingke."; A gentleman's ambition is to achieve Tao, but he can't achieve it without rules. Pacific Century law firm will strive to give full play to the advantages of its own business law firm, integrate global resources, provide customers with high-quality and efficient legal services, and make customers satisfied.